• July 26 2023
  • WeedLomo

Cannabis Landscape in Thailand: What Products are Legal?

On June 9, 2022, Thailand set a significant precedent as the third country globally, and the first in Asia, to decriminalize cannabis. Previously viewed as having one of the world's strictest stances on weed use, this shift in law marks a considerable change.

In fact, thousands of prisoners convicted for marijuana-related crimes were released on this date, signifying a new era for cannabis in Thailand. This bold move also opened doors for growing and consuming weed for medical purposes, something we at WeedLomo have long advocated for.

Legal Parameters of Smoking & Possessing Weed in Thailand

Under the new amendment, individuals aged 20 years and above can now legally "possess, utilize, look after, and maintain" cannabis, effectively making smoking weed in Thailand legal. While this brings great news for cannabis enthusiasts, it's important to note that smoking in public places is still prohibited. Violations of this rule can lead to serious penalties, including jail time and hefty fines. WeedLomo encourages responsible cannabis consumption, so enjoy your weed in the privacy of your home or in dedicated smoke rooms at certain cafes.

Cannabis Edibles & Beverages: Laws and Limitations

Cannabis extracts, which include food and beverage products containing cannabis, must adhere to certain regulations. For example, these extracts must not contain more than 0.2% THC. At WeedLomo, we ensure that our cannabis-infused products meet these legal requirements and are labeled appropriately. Always remember to consume cannabis responsibly and in moderation.

Growing & Selling Weed: Opportunities and Challenges

The new legislation allows for the cultivation and trading of marijuana and hemp products, presenting a fresh avenue for businesses like WeedLomo. However, it's important to note that there are strict regulations and licenses required for selling these products. At WeedLomo, we adhere to these guidelines to provide our customers with the highest quality cannabis products.

CBD Oil: A Legal and Popular Choice

CBD oil and other cannabidiol-related products are completely legal to buy and use in Thailand. These products, which do not produce the 'high' associated with THC, have played a significant role in paving the way for cannabis liberalization in the country.

The Legal Status of Medical Marijuana in Thailand

Medical marijuana has been legal in Thailand since 2018. In line with our mission at WeedLomo, the focus on the medicinal benefits of cannabis can help treat a variety of health conditions, further supporting the case for its decriminalization.

Other Cannabis Extracts: Vaping, Hash, Weed Oil

While certain forms of cannabis are now legal, others like hash, weed oil, THC oil, and other high THC content extracts remain illegal in Thailand. We strongly advise against the use of these products.

Future Prospects: Cannabis Legalization in Thailand

The cannabis market in Thailand is expected to reach over $1.2 billion by the mid-2020s. This potential for economic growth, combined with the health benefits of cannabis, make the case for further liberalization. At WeedLomo, we believe in the potential of this industry and continue to advocate for safe and responsible cannabis use. As the landscape continues to evolve, we remain committed to keeping our customers informed and updated.

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